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Mythweavers:Player Characters

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This page lists all the player characters. To add a character, you must use the form in the Player Character section of your Player Page.

Character Species Adventuring Group Allegiances Portrait
Ahrisahn (@User:Ahrisahn) Human Mythweavers
Ahrisahn - Character Picture.png
Liam Dumeathen (@User:Ahrisahn) Human - Variant The Spinning Coin
Liam Dumeathen.png
Aleeka Hawke (@User:Aleeka Hawke) Elf - High Mythweavers
Lux Vitalis (@User:Aleeka Hawke) Half-elf Mythweavers
Lux Vitalis.jpg
Allard Colton (@User:Allard Colton) Human Mythweavers
Allard colton.png
Halklyr Nar'darash (@User:Atanatar) Unique Snowflake No image
Mirial Lighteyes (@User:Atanatar) No image
Valna Taletreader (@User:Atanatar) No image
Butterbloom (@User:BUTTERCUP) Gnome - Wood No image
Thaar (@User:BUTTERCUP) Goliath No image
Banelor Runeblade (@User:Banelor) Human No image
Wolfshadow Runeblade (@User:Banelor) Human - Variant No image
Holly Silentread (@User:Buddafish) No image
Keria Silentread (@User:Buddafish) Mythweavers No image
Larna Silentread (@User:Buddafish) No image
Lia Silentread (@User:Buddafish) No image
Lily Silentread (@User:Buddafish) Mythweavers No image
Serana Silentread (@User:Buddafish) Human No image
Thia Moonsilver Silentread (@User:Buddafish) Mythweavers No image
Winter Silentread (@User:Buddafish) Elf - Wood No image
Greenfinger (@User:Chris516) Halfling - Lightfoot Mythweavers
Aedan Teathorn.png
Seb (@User:Chris516) Human - Variant The Spinning Coin
Hertog Goldrin (@User:Chronometer) Dwarf - Mountain No image
Darin the Rogue (@User:Darin) Human Mythweavers
Seven of Nine (@User:Darin) Human - Variant Mythweavers
Seven of nine2.png
Zandarin stargazer (@User:Darin) Dragonborn - Green Mythweavers
Zandarin stargazer2.png
Drauks (@User:Drauks) Dragonborn - Black Mythweavers No image
Tavos Bloodeye (@User:Drauks) Tiefling No image
Sifreyja Skaaldottir (@User:Enarsusurper) Human Mythweavers
Sifreyja Skaaldottir.PNG
Bran (@User:Johngerat) Half-elf
Dubhlain Gréine (@User:Johngerat) Aasimar
Khnan (@User:Johngerat) Human - Variant No image
Aldric Kallere (@User:Justicar) Half-elf No image
Lothar Black (@User:Lothar) Human - Variant Mythweavers No image
Sentry Goldenflame (@User:Maelstrom Vortex) Dragonborn - Gold Mythweavers
Sentry Portrait.jpg
Miles (@User:MilesUpshurr) No image
Miles O'Daire (@User:Milesupshurrr) Elf - High The Watchful Eye Mythweavers
Type your character name here (@) No image
Drangmar Thorowind (@User:NexusNeos96) Half-orc No image
Elara Thorowind (@User:NexusNeos96) Half-elf No image
Lady Ashland (@User:Red Beard) Elf - High No image
Red Beard (@User:Red Beard) Dwarf - Mountain No image
Peo Ansaajur (@User:RicochetRuby) Human No image
Ashra (@User:Riri) Elf - Wood Mythweavers
Clara Cohen (@User:Riri) Human Mythweavers No image
Felim F. Fluorite (@User:Riri) Half-elf Mythweavers, The Trinity Council
Felim F. Fluorite.png
Fritjof (@User:Riri) Unique Snowflake Mythweavers No image
May'Ayne (@User:Riri) Elf - Drow Mythweavers No image
Zhao Yun (招云) (@User:Riri) Human No image
Stassi Malsoul (@User:SeaLadyJ) Half-elf Lauder Enterprises No image
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